Is It "Put Your Lady First or Bros Before Hoes?"

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"Bros before ho's is something a bro without a ho would say." - Anonymous

It's Friday night and the homies want to get together, at the same time your woman wants you stay in and spend some time with her. What do you choose?

You could be out having fun with your boys, drinking, smoking, wildin' out or you can be sunk into a couch cuddling with your breezy for sheezy.

There are certainly times when the moment becomes 'Bro's Before Hoes' and there are other times when you gotta stop up, be the man, put your foot down and tell your friends 'We'll catch up another time.' Of course, this will bring with it some condemnation, possibly teasing while testing the loyalty of the friendship bond.

When you have a girlfriend or a wife, you have to man up and push that other shit aside. What do we mean by that? You know your boys want to go out, chase some bitches, drink, get into trouble and have a good time. They want you to tag along with them. No problem there, but when you have a woman on your team, you have to make room for her and you do that by putting her first.

Your boys should understand this unless they're jealous because you got a woman while they still have to go out and chase.

The Other Side of the Story.

Mocking Bird ArgumentThere are times when your friends should become priority. The situation and circumstances call for action. Your boy is on the edge and needs somebody to talk him down, that's when it becomes a 'bros before hoes' time.

Sometimes women don't understand the bond between men especially when they have been long time pals. A woman should be understanding of when the situation calls and be accepting of your absence during that time.

Jealousy of any kind can be an indicator that not enough attention is being given to her, so watch out. This could lead to jealousy, envy, and can become a sour note in a realationship.

When this is not jealousy is when you've developed a pattern that gives rise to concern. For example, you come dragging your ass back home after two days of no contact, or you get into trouble and she has to come spring you out of jail. These are real life situations that people get themselves into when they didn't have to. This depends on what type of man you are and what kind of crowd you hang with. So this is not applicable to everyone.

For those of you it is applicable to.

Relationships require attention and friendships require attention too but should not need as much as your girl. If you're in a serious relationship putting your boys first before your woman will only serve to create problems later on down the line. What you have to ask and decide upon is which, is more valuable to you?

We can't answer that question for you but we can provide something that can help. If you have not seen this movie, you have got to see it it's called 'Harsh Times' (2005) starring Christian Bale, Freddy Rodriguez and Eva Longoria.


It contains some powerful scenes that may provide insights as to what you should decide when it comes to should YOU put your lady first or or bros before hoes?

Share with us how you would decide and also what were you're thoughts on the movie if you seen it.


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