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The True Nature of Venereal Dis-ease

Today I'd like to speak with you personally about a subject that can be both fearful and life changing. Whether its STD's or STI's, both are venereal dis-eases. Now why am I writing out dis-ease like that because I want to bring to your attention that disease as it is formally written is a compound word.

So what's the deal about Venereal Dis-eases? According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control: STDs are a significant health challenge facing the United States. CDC estimates that nearly 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur every year in this country, half among young people ages 15–24. Each of these infections is a potential threat to an individual’s immediate and long-term health and well-being. In addition to increasing a person’s risk for HIV infection, STDs can lead to severe reproductive health complications, such as infertility. More information can be read here.

Well people are catching some nasty stuff at alarming rates. Sleeping around has become the new pass time one that The Slacker's Method: A How To Guide To Meeting Women On Craigslist™ both promotes and cautions against.

Why? Well to answer that, allow me to qualify by sharing with you what I have learned over the years about STD's/STI's & Venereal Dis-ease in this Exclusive TSM Special Report.

All to often now-a-days, parents don't spend a great deal of time educating their children about the dangers of promisciouity. This is left to the church or the school system which rarely goes into depth or the level of understanding that can aid the sexually inquisitive mind. You're just told what's good (acceptable) or bad (unacceptable) and that's all you need you to know. This is really unfortunate because when you're just told something is bad without an explanation it sets the stage for failure.

Consider yourself lucky if you had a parent or guardian figure sit you down and explained to you the dangers, invited you to ask questions, then answered those questions for you. Many people don't get that opportunity which forces people to go out into the world and play russian roulette with their life.

I don't know about you but I wasn't saint. I had thoughts of everything you could ever imagine. While I came from a good family I always felt too stupid to ask questions so I shied away from them. This goes back to parenting styles and that'll be touched upon in another article. The point here is perhaps some of you share a similar upbringing. Whether you did or not does not matter. What I'm getting at here is there was some forctors that suppressed further inquisition.

So today, as a friend I'm here to give you something that's been missing in your upbringing. A thorought comprehensive breakdown on Venereal Dis-ease. Maye you haven't caught one or like any good planner you're just warehousing knowledge that could come in handy at some point, just in case. Which is a wise strategy.

How many times have you heard, "Why are you worried about that, that'll never happen" only for it to happen and when it did you didn't know what to do or where to turn? There's nothing wrong with living life by the seat of the pants but as the saying goes "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - Benjamin Franklin

Did you know?

Very few people spend a great deal of time preparing for much of anything and when life happens to them, they're taken by surprise. In the rush of the moment they become caught up in emotion rather than rational thinking and this leads to over reaction or further injury.

The point here is to provide you with some information that you can use to educating others should you choose to be of service to humanity.

Okay so let's get into The Nature of Venereal Dis-ease. A lot of this is going to be some back and forth between dictionary definition then put into context so you have an understand by the end of this report. Also this is going to diverge from what the CDC will tell you and that'll be explained in the end too. All definitions are provided by The Concise Oxford Dictionary: The 1911 First Edition

What is Venereal?

Vener·eal, a. Of Sexual Intercourse, as v. desire; v.disease, communicated by sexual intercourse; v.remedies (for v. disease). [f. L Venereus of VENUS + -AL]

What is Disease?

Disea·se, n. Morbid condition of body, plant, or some part of them, illness, sickness; any particular kind of this with special symptoms & name; deranged or depraved state of mind or morals.

Diseased, a. Affected with disease; morbid, depraved.

What is Dis?

Dis-, pref. f. L, Meanings; asunder, away, apart or between, one by one utterly (in wds already negative, as disannul), un-, not, the reverse of, deprivation of, expulsion from.

What is Illness?

I·llness, n. unhealthy condition of body, sickness.

Ill, a. n. adv. Out of health, sick, as he is i., was taken i.; morally bad, as i, fame, disrepute, i. blood, i. will, animosity, strife, i. nature, churlishness, i. (morose) humour, temper; harmful, as (prov.)i. weeds grow apace; do an i. turn to person, harm him or his interests; wretched, disastrous, as (prov. it's an i.wind that blows nobody good; (N.) speak i. (something unfavourable) of; ...(also) in bad condition; i.-disposed, disposed to evil, malevolent, (also) unfavourably disposed (towards); i,-fated, destined to, bringing, bad fortune; i.favoured, uncomely, (also) displeasing, objectionable; i-gotten, gained evil means; i. humoured, bad-tempered... i.-treat, -use, treat badly.

Si·ckness, n. Being ill, disease; a disease.

What is Morbid?

Mor·bid, a. (Of mind, ideas, &c) unwholesome, sickly; given to m. feelings; m.anatomy (of diseased organs &c.).

What is Sexual?

Se·xual, a. Of sex, a sex, or the sexes (s. organs, genitals; s. intercourse or commerce, copulation; s. affinity, mutual attration of two individuals of opposite sexes; s. SLECTION; s.appetite, indulgence, for, in s. intercourse)

What is Desire?

Desire·,1 n. Unsatisfied appetite, longing, wish, craving; request; thing desired.

Desire·,2 vt. Long for, crave, wish, (noun, infin., noun and infin., or that-clause); (abs.) feel d.; ask for; pray, entreat, command.


Now these words weren't interlinked but they are very much connected to where we are going with this. Ready for some more words? Alright here we go.

Pãtho- in comb. =Gk pathos suffering, disease, passion, as: ge nesis, -geny, production of disease, so -gene·tic, -ge·nic, -genous, aa.; -gnomo·nic, characteristic of particular disease; -gnomy (-gn-), study of the emotions, so -gno·mic a.: -logy, science of (usu. bodily) diseases, so -lo·gical a., -lo·gically adv., -logist n.

-logy, suf. f. Gk -logia [...] -logia indicating the character, action, or branch of knowledge, of a person.

From both of these words we come to a compound word combining both:

What is Pathology?

Pa·thol·o·gy noun, plural 1. the science or the study of the origin, nature, and course of diseases.

2. the conditions and processes of a disease.

3. any deviation from a healthy, normal, or efficient condition.


Lets add in a few more and we'll be complete with the words and definitions. This may seem long and tedious but in order to fully under-stand something some times you have to break it down.

State1, n. & a. Condition in which a thing is, mode of existence as determineed by circumstances, as a precarious s. of health, found him in the same s., in a s. of deep depression, things were in an untidy s., in a bad s. of repair, what a (dirty, untidy) s. you are in!

Mind1, n. Remembrance, as have or keep in m., bring or call to m., [...]; direction of thoughts or desires, as set one's m. on, desire to attain, give one's m. (attention) to; to one's m., as one would have it; way of thinking & feeling, as frame, state, of m.; seat of consciousness, thought, volition, & feeling; soul, opp. to body; m.'s eye, mental view; person, as embodying mental qualities; intellectual powers, opp. to will & emotions, whence mi·ndless a. ; Absence, Presence, of m.

Geez Louise, What does it all mean?

 So glad you asked. So far it's just a bunch of words from the dictionary, perhaps you knew the meanings to them but if you didn't, now you do. This is where the real learning begins. I've learned of myself and others around me that we often use words without fully understanding the meanings to. It is important to understand and know the usage of words and their meanings.


Because, our reality is shaped by the very words we use. Our thinking is shaped by our range of words we think we understand. Since words are used to describe our world, the more words we know, the richer our world can be. What's important to walk away with here is, reality can be falsly interpreted based on a poor understanding of words which puts us into a poverty state of mind. I urge you to go back as I have done on numerous occassions with a dictionary and revisit every word you think you know, to see if you knew it and used it correctly.

When we speak of word usage, we have to ask in which way is the word being used? If it's a noun, is it a person, place or thing? If it's a thing it becomes an object. If it's a person it becomes a him, a her, or them and they, you and I. If it's a place, it becomes a location.

The point of this part is not to revisit English 101, that will be your job and homework. If you look above it becomes clear that Venereal Dis-ease is a dis-ease linked to our thoughts. Our thoughts determine our state of mind followed by actions and deed (intent). If we operate with what we perceive to be ill intent such as cheating on a lover, manipulating someone into sex, or mistreating someone through our thoughts, we have commited an offense not just against them but ourselves.

For example, your girlfriend cheats on you, and this breaks your heart. You may go through the motions but if you're not careful and monitoring your thoughts you could go down paths which lead to darker thoughts. This my friends spells trouble!

I tell you this because, I found out the hard way what happens to you when you harbor negative emotions such as hate and anger towards someone.

Hate is toxic, hate is poor state for the mind. In other words to allow hate to be kicked around is ill intent and misuse of the will. If you look up the definition of will, it can be used as an adjective, verb, proverb, see will2 for the purposes of understanding that it's something that can be used. Making it a thing, it becomes an object that we can use appropriately or inappropriately.

You might not have known this, in my ignorance I certainly didn't. Sometimes other people especially a lovers actions can have profound impacts on our states of mind. What they do effects us especially if hurt is felt, this could leave us feeling a range of emotions. The ones we should watch out for are the negative ones because words are forces and negative emotions equals negative forces. So may the force be with you and may you use the force wisely.

But wait, you didn't explain how these words effect us!!

Okay okay, since you asked here goes. Words carry a vibration with them, so to do emotions. Negative emotions of hate and anger are the equivalent of jumping in a phone booth with a hand grenade and pulling the pin. Get the picture?

I don't think you want to do that, so no matter what happens to YOU in the dating world, YOU should always take the high road even when things don't go your way.

If someone breaks it off or up with YOU, YOU have to remember that YOU choose to feel the way that YOU feel. So why not choose to feel triumphant, jubilent, honored, to have experienced a special opportunity with someone and move forward. Wish them well, and put faith into yourself that you are going to move forward and in time the right thing is going to present itself.

I know that's easier said than done but what happens when you become consumed with worry, doubt, anger, depression, hatred, dispair, it has an effect on your mind. Remember what your mind is?

Mind1, n. [...] direction of thoughts or desires, as set one's m. on, desire to attain, give one's m. (attention) to; to one's m. as one would have it; way of thinking & feeling, as frame, state, of m.; seat of consciousness, thought, volition, & feeling; soul, opp. to body; m.'s eye, mental view.

So when you think of words, thoughts, vibrations, where are these thoughts of yours directed at? Are you consumed with anger sending out hateful vibrations? Or are you focused on moving forward with your life, projecting thoughts of acceptance, love and no matter what, succeeding?

One trail is a low road, the other is a high road. You decide and choose which one you want to take.

On Thoughts and feelings

Thoughts are those things that your mind's eye see's (inner vision) on the inside of our head. You might have feelings of revenge towards someone, so we play over and over again a fantasy of malicous thoughts and actions towards the person. Whether you know this or not, the universe is a mental universe and you attract what you most think about. So it's important to keep those thoughts and desires of yours aimed in the right direction.

If not, what ends up happening is those thoughts you continously think on and worry about come to life. They become thought forms, which some call demons and they can do real damage to you such as undermine your health. When you're depressed you're not in a good mental state, so it's important to learn how the mind operates. If you look on the side there will be links to video's explaining how the mind works and how better to use it.

Misuse of the mind has the potential to manifest dis-ease and illness into the body. Which also means that when one adjust and re-aligns their thoughts it becomes possible to manifest the opposite which is wellness and healing.

Do Doctor's know about this?

They should and if they don't they're truly quacks!

So Why does the CDC promote Doctors and Prescriptions Drugs?

Look at who the CDC is in bed with, Big Pharma. Which is why it's suggested that you go to a doctor, and what he's going to do is play on your ignorance and prescribe you some medicines.

When you go to your doctor have you ever asked yourself how they get paid? Did you know that some doctors are paid kick backs through commissions based on how many prescriptions they write to patients like you?

This is why you have to become educated about the basics of the human body and about natural medicine vs prescription medicine. There's much to learn and by learning it, this becomes one less thing in life you have to outsource to someone else which makes you dependent upon them for your health.

Become educated today! It isn't hard and you don't even have to go school for years to drill down the basics.

 A good percentage of problems within the human body are tied to a few factors, of the most important are a patients thoughts. Look around you at how many people are depressed and taking anti-depressants. That's not a healthy way to live and I have a nagging suspicion that the people in charge know this, but their agenda is not to help you. So what do you do when you can't turn to the people you're supposed to trust?

You ask questions which lead to answers and that's how you get educated!

What about Aids, it's not linked to poor thoughts is it?

We are told that AIDS/HIV is a virus. But think about this for a second, the only way you could know is if you went to a doctor to find out in the first place.

Let me make it clear that not all doctors are bad, in fact some doctors go out of their way to educate patients and those that do are considered good doctors in my opinion. Doctors who do not educate you should be considered bad doctors, because they're just into writing prescriptions to make money off of you.

Sometimes we extend too much trust in people that have certain degrees, hold certain titles, wear certain uniforms, or funny hats. In reality they're just people like you and I.

Do some research on AIDS/HIV, there's a lot of great documentaries out there put together by people who just want to genuinely help and inform others. They provide information and facts, which should be double checked by you so you have a good understanding of The Nature of Dis-ease, your body and most importantly your thoughts.

This is about your health. I think enough has been covered here today but do stay tuned for future special reports on other subjects.


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