2017 Year End And Review


Hey Slackers,

September Man here, and it's been a while, almost too long, since I've written a new entry on this site. I have not forgotten about you, my visitors who come here.

I have lots of work to do and I'm a one man band type of guy. So thank you for your continued patronage and sticking with me while I continue to work to make this place, an even better place!

That's right, I have plans! Major plans but first I had to deal with some unforeseen challenges which were met, I'm proud to say but they took some long hours and hard work to meet!

This year has been an ass kicker for me on so many levels. The first part of this year, I transitioned from one job to another and upon acceptance I had to do some traveling. This was good and beneficial for me as it took me out of my comfort zone and didn't allow me to settle as with my previous occupation.

Then as the year went on, I was rocked by one financial hurdle after the next. Things got so bad to the point I just stopped worrying about it all and said fuck it! Not fuck it as in I throw in the towel but fuck it as in whatever comes my way I will resolve to meet it and defeat it!

Just in case you're wondering, what in the hell is he talking about? In addition to running this site, I also write, produce video content, edit, sound engineer, while working full-time and not to mention I also am continuing to learn as I go along. So my plate is filled and right when I think there's some down time to break, nope!, there's something else that needs my attention.

These past few years have been very challenging given the circumstances but they have been fruitful in ways now perceptible to my conscious awareness. So I have gained in a spiritual sense and I just take each day as it comes.

As you can see I'm a pretty busy guy, so busy to the point that I don't have much time to even enjoy a drink and I'm working on this, because all work and no play are no fun! Fun is a necessary ingredient to enjoy life!

Much of what I've done this year in my spare time was done with the intention to help me shortcut and go even faster in the future. I'm all about processes and precision, so in learning about my own processes I have located new areas that could use some dialing in. At heart I'm a perfectionist but even I realize that perfection is daunting so instead of waiting for everything to be perfect, i'm moving forward and perfecting as I go, as should you, in this new year of 2018 to come!!!

It's time to cut distractions loose and focus in on those things we really want. It's time to identify what makes us happy and set course in that direction!

So, I'll be working on some video content before New Years and will be uploading to my YouTube Channel found here and SUBSCRIBE!

In the mean time, you can check out The Slackers Method YouTube Channel found here and SUBSCRIBE!

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