Which Dating Sites Are The Best?

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In conversation, when people discover my openess towards online dating they ask me, which dating site is the best? This really depends on you and from what perspective you hold.

Dating sites are numerous as they have grown the internet. You can date along racial preferences, bank account status, eye colors, religious beliefs, heck they even have websites to help one cheat on a spouse.

Some sites differentiate themselves by making users pay a fee associate price with quality. I disagree and will explain why...

Quality is not something that is determined by an amount paid however in some peoples eyes this is how it works.

So now that you know my position as far as best dating sites go, there is no one best dating site. Let me expand on this to make it clearer for you why this is so.

Over the years of numerous online dating adventures, several dates have made me aware of their pattern after gathering feedback about their dating adventures. So here's something you should know in case you didn't already. Just as men do, women do.

What do I mean by this? People bounce around from site to site looking for different selection of dating material. So they'll bounce from a site like Craigslist, to POF, to eHarmony, to Match, and then back again.

Now i'm just using the following sites as examples to illustrate my point. The pattern here is a cycle where people bounce all over the place in hopes of finding what they're looking for. So it should be clear here that it really doesn't matter what site you use.

All dating sites like to boast about their population of active members. They market this to you as "By joining our site you'll have greater opportunities to meet someone."

What you don't see but should take into consideration is that many of the people who freqently use online dating are on more than one site.

Now let's go back to the whole paid dating site vs free dating site.

If you happen to hang around long enough on a free dating site you'll see another familiar pattern, people coming and going. Let's conpare this behavior with bar hopping. People bounce around until they find an environment which they feel comfortable with. Maybe the price is right, perhaps the drinks aren't watered down to badly but for some reason they've chosen this place. So they may stick around a while and when they become tired of it, they leave and go check out somewhere else.

So for me the choice becomes clear, the best site is any site that offers me a chance to meet someone for $0.00! You can't beat free. If you are going to use online dating sites you're better off saving money by going the free route.

To drive that point home, let me give you another example. Say you meet a woman from a free website and she gives you some trouble. No big deal. Now if you meet a woman from a paid subscription website and she gives you some trouble.

You can't say the same thing and to make things worse, you paid to meet this trouble maker. Excuse me but, fuck that!

The idea of paying to meet someone is poposterous, yet every single day people willingly sign-up to pay a subscription fee to meet someone!!

You have the right to do as you wish but I say why pay when there are numerous free avenues you can use to meet people if that's your goal? 

So just to reiterate my position, the best website is one with zero cost that offers you the chance to meet some one. But that's my opinion on this matter, what's yours?


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