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Greetings and Welcome to The September Man's Personal Blog. It is with great pleasure that I present to you tid bits and nuggets I have gained through personal experience and much much more.

I hope that my words can inspire, entertain and offer perspective on all things dating, women, relationships and more.

Now before any of you ask whats up with the name "The September Man"? To keep it short and sweet, being The September Man means that I'm of the star sign Virgo the Virgin. Duh!

Being a Virgo has its many challenges as I am aware it is for countless virgoes and other star signs. As any Virgo knows, we tend to be highly analytical, deeply self critical, and at times obsessive compulsive perfectionist. This can be off putting to many who don't understand our nature including the virgo themself.

It may appear to be bad at first but as someone who has grown, I have come to accept my many quirks and embrace who I am however crazy, strange and weird that may be!

This wasn't always the case as you'll learn from the many stories I'll divulge. I've juggled through many roles and characters struggling with much inner turmoil only to become none other than myself.

Consider yourselves in for a treat as I reveal to you things that are down right embarassing, perverted, dark, childish and humorous all at the same time. Going through these bumps in my life is what got me on the road to becoming a more successful online dater and lover. Life is about learning and that's just what I've done and will continue to do.

Also, about Craigslist. The September Man is not affiliated with Craigslist in any way. Craigslist is a registered trademark of Craigslist.org.

Craigslist is used from time to time and for more than just meeting people. I've met lots of women and from them I've gained valuable insights into what a man must, should and can do to be successful on Craigslist Personals. If this is a subject that interest you, check out my book The Slacker's Method: A How To Guide For Meeting Women On Craigslist.

It'll provide you with details to step-up your game and launch successful personals campaigns to get everything you want from getting laid, to love & relationships, to more sex if that's your wish. The book is designed specifically for Craigslist Personals environment but just so you know as it's mentioned in the book, this method can also be apply to other dating sites like POF, eHarmony and many more!!

Thank You for joining this website and for taking the time to read this personal blog. I will be updating as often as I can. I wish you the best and may your journeys in online dating be nothing but success!


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