The Juggling Act And How To Maintain Your Balance


When you become overwhelmed, sometimes you have to take a step back, take a deep breath, refocus, and renew your thoughts.

What a mess I've made. One big beautiful glorious mess. They always say "Be careful what you wish for!" and I know Ive heard it since I was younger. I didnt understand it fully or the connection between wishes and reality. Dreams do come true so maybe they ought to change that phrase to this "Be careful what you wish for!!" If you're wondering what the extra exclaimation mark is for, it's there to emphasis the seriousness of really being careful as you make a wish.

What does any of this have to do with dating and relationships? Maybe your story is like mine. In high school I had trouble communicating with women. I also was sexually frustrated and so in my sad angered frustrated state I would wish things could be different! For example, I would wish that (and here's one of my actual wishes) "One day in the future I wish to have so many women that I'm no longer lonely and I could have sex all the time... In my own place!" Its always felt odd sneaking women over to my parents house so I could get naughty with them.

Anyways, years later after two ex-girlfriends and some college, I got angry and made another wish, that "I wished I could become an asshole who didn't care anymore!" And I slowly but surely learned that, but there was a cost. Let's say it was a steep price to pay. So I became that and in the process I lost a few things, myself, a girlfriend whom I really loved at the time, and my ability to feel by feel I mean being sympathetic with another.

After losing a girlfriend, I wrote the book and several others that have yet to be released. I've sat on them because upon reflection this website, those books and the YouTube channel are all the product of a past wish I've made. I cannot say they are poor but some have been while others have been great. I can't I'm sad but there are some regrets. As of now I'm neutral going into drive.

Right now, some of you Wish you could meet more women. Wish you could have lots of sex with women. Wish you could get your ex back. Wish that you could find your one true love. Wish you could be happy. Which the latter is the central goal of each wish because why would you make that wish? In my case I would feel happy once the goal was achieved and after that I would lose my interest. I've made some bad decisions, many of which I will share with you because I think it's important if it contains the nuggets of truth that you can use to better your life. These days my wishes have changed or matured rather, my wishes are simply to be happy and be a better person to myself and others.

I've got a lot of work to do! It's a juggling act, like many of you I have my main routine while working to incorporate new routines. During the day I work and at night in my down time I'm working on this project, shooting video, editing video, social media, coding an app, coworkers I have to fill in for because they call in sick, read, be social and then there's family, friends and a pet dog that I care about, neighbors that ask for favors and much more. Hey, there goes an idea for a new book The Slacker's Method: How I made The Slackers Method a Smashing Success! 

There I go again but here I come back. The point is I have to make time for all of them just like I have to make time for this and work them into my juggle routine. It's not easy, there's a lot of moving parts, feels overwhelming but over time things will balance themselves out plus I enjoy what Im doing so I'm not complaining. I feel like a blues brother on a mission from God! Ha ha.

So again, if I might make a suggestion you should take "NEVER make a wish while angry or any other state other than happiness!" If you ever feel overwhelmed by it all, take a step back, take a deep breath, refocus and renew your thoughts. I hope that in whatever your future wishes are, you make them for the right reasons rather than the wrong ones. Also that you are wise with them and that they be for your growth, edification, and a benefit to you and all around you!


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