Nothing Like a Healthy Relationship

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After years of dating off and on and going through the routines of meeting new people, you learn a thing or two about others (that's if you're paying attention).

Timeless Tales for The New Age

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In recent times there have been many revelations about the times we are living in. This is a shock to many people having to deal with changes that are becoming more and more constant.

Is It "Put Your Lady First or Bros Before Hoes?"

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"Bros before ho's is something a bro without a ho would say." - Anonymous

It's Friday night and the homies want to get together, at the same time your woman wants you stay in and spend some time with her. What do you choose?

"I Don't Understand How She Became PREGNANT!?"


So a woman you've been screwing around with is either pregnant or late. She's saying it's yours and perhaps you're denying the whole thing because you're not ready for a child or to become a parent.