NSA All The Way???


NSA = No Strings Attached

This section of Craigslist Personals is both humorous, strange, and eye-opening. This is where all the fetish seekers go.

Want to get your jolly's by getting a swift kick to the family jewels by a woman in high heels? This is the section you go to!

How many of you post in this section regularly and actually receive a response without a price tag attached.

Hey, wait a minute. If a price is attached that's considered a string right?

It's obvious by large there are more men who want a non-exclusive type of relationship, while women on the other hand want strings.

What kind of strings? Mostly some type of serious commitment.

Why do women want commitment so bad?

Who knows and who cares, right?

If you were to visit the Men Seeking Women personals you'll discover most of the ads mention some talk of looking for a serious relationship but something in their ad throws them into the contradictory bin.

So what gives?? Are there women out there looking for NSA relationships?

You bet there are.

Only one problem though, they will not be found posting or responding to ads in the NSA section and if they do you better get to them fast before the next hundred guy does.

Is it possible to meet women on Craigslist and have a No Strings Attached encounter? You bet it is although there are better sites geared for just such an interaction you might want to check out Adult Friend Finder, or Online Booty Call.

This writer thinks Craigslist™ is still the better more affordable alternative.

Perhaps you're like many men who just want to enjoy the freedoms of a single life without the hassles commitment bring.

Dodging the relationship bullet is not hard to do and if you're interested in learning then pick up the ebook or, check out some of the other books under affiliate links so you can learn the skills necessary to get where you want!

For those of you, who do use the NSA section of Craigslist Personals tell us about your experiences.


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