The Bullshit Alarm: Are You Pushing That Button?

bullshit buttonDo you understand how fire alarms work? Well in case you didn't know, fire alarms are a safety feature designed to let occupants of a home know when there's danger from smoke or fire. Fire alarms are meant to protect and save lives.

In order for them to work properly, they must be either hard wired or battery powered and placed in an area that's close to where the source of a potential problem could occur.

Also it should not be placed too far from where someone could hear it.

Now hold on to this concept as we segway into the world of dating.

What is a bullshit alarm? Well a bullshit alarm, like a fire alarm is meant to go off at the first instance of bullshit. Not everyone you run into will be a spring chicken. Some people have been around the block and heard all there is to hear dealing with experiences that have forced them to quicken.

This is something to keep in mind as you go about meeting people and understanding what could set off the alarm.

It could be anything, and this typically varies from person to person. It really depends on the person you're dealing with and where their threshold for bullshit sits. Some people's thresholds have high sensitivity, meaning they're frequently the victims of bullshit. While others have a lower threshold meaning they have very little tolerance for it.

What you should know about this alarm is, YOU are the one who sets them off depending on how you go about things.

Check out this ad below and see if this person would set off  your bullshit alarm.

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What do you think about the bullshit alarm and have people pushed it with you? Let people know below!


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